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The formula subtracts the calculated value for the % Blowdown in cell 126 from the calculated value for % Make-up in cell B20.
3) Kim Wilson is one of the harmonica specialists appearing tonight at the House of Blues for the 13th annual ``Blues Harmonica Blowdown.
The initial best guess for opening of each blowdown valve was staggered as follows:
INGAA says it understands the need to collect blowdown data but has concerns with the proposed requirements for tracking and reporting blowdowns.
NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, announced it has acquired the BLOWDOWN software technology from Professor Stephen Richardson of Imperial College London and Dr.
I ducked under a fresh blowdown and worked my way onto the trail that ran towatd the ridgeline.
Through projects like the North Shore Collaborative Restoration and the Blowdown Reforestation, we aim to restore eagle habitat in forest areas damaged by fire, storms or infestation.
Known for producing a wide range of blowdown evaporators, Organomation has been able to meet the sample preparation needs of laboratories worldwide.
The purpose of this paper is not to evaluate the feasibility of the non-chemical technology; rather, it is to discuss the results of the re-use of the non-chemically treated tower blowdown water as a viable source of landscape irrigation water.
I stepped between two large oaks just as the springer drove into the decaying remnants of a blowdown.
Is it really possible to blowdown a house made of bricks like the Big Bad Wolf?
After the excitement of losing a dog in the dark, they finally got the decoys set and found a big blowdown where everyone could sit and relax for a few minutes