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Those chosen to receive the new bins have been checked at least twice and on both occasions did not present blue boxes.
All of them first had opportunities to learn that they could dig up peanuts buried in four blue boxes but not in four red boxes.
A stack of four wall-mounted blue boxes inevitably reminds American viewers of Donald Judd's later stack pieces.
They will also receive white bags for plastic bottles and cardboard in addition to their existing blue boxes and bags, and green wheelie bins.
We are hopeful it will only be a temporary measure and that residents will continue to recycle waste in the normal way through their red and blue boxes and compost garden waste and cardboard in their brown bin.
The blue boxes were made famous as Dr Who's time machine The Tardis in the BBC science-fiction series.
From there, this brisk and engaging tale jumps back to the early 1970s, when Jobs and buddy Steve Wozniak were still at the University of California, Berkeley, dodging anti-war protests and playing with little blue boxes that let them steal free long-distance phone service.
Going green at the office can be a neat-freak's nightmare with loaded blue boxes cluttering the office, waste paper piled at the photocopier and dirty china or ceramic coffee mugs at every desk.
Kentucky Proud- Kentucky Blue Boxes can also be purchased at select Kentucky beverage stores.
ONCE a fortnight I diligently put out our green and blue boxes filled with paper and bottles respectfully, along with the household rubbish in the black plastic bags.
The scheme includes a blue bag for paper and magazines while the blue boxes are for glass and tins.