Mongolian Spot

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Mongolian spot

[mäŋ′gō·lē·ən ′spät]
A focal bluish-gray discoloration of the skin of the lower back, also aberrantly on the face, present at birth and fading gradually.

Mongolian Spot


a bluish color of the skin, sometimes found in the sacral region in children. It is caused by deposits of the pigment melanin in the connective tissue of the skin. Mongolian spots were first described among children of Mongoloid ancestry, but they also occur among children of other races.

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They found that the blue spots explode during hostile encounters with other species.
1): variable ranging from overall pale grey to dark greyish brown, with darker scale margins and frequently with 2-3 small blue spots or blue streak on each scale; prominent black-edged green spot (about half pupil size) on upper rear edge of operculum; median fins generally same colour as body; dorsal fin with dull bluish submarginal stripe and narrow blue to whitish outer margin; anal fin with pair of dull bluish stripes across middle portion of fin and narrow bright blue outer margin; outer third of caudal fin frequently translucent whitish to bluish; pectoral and pelvic fins translucent pale greyish, anterior edge of pelvic fin narrowly blue.
Some are brown with blue spots, some have delicate black, brown and white stripes.
He painted blue spots on his chest, hands, face and body to simulate the symptoms of the plague.
DHW marginal region with 3 conspicuous blue spots with white scales in central area in [M.
The white curtains with blue spots she had drawn shut shortly before he passed away are open now to let the sunlight in.
Vertical bars tinged with white and electric blue spots are common on "lit up" sails, such as those shown in under water videos corralling sardines into balls like ocean cowboys rounding up cattle.
In an examination administered by a prison physician, Soltan had "very obvious blue spots under his skin all over his body," a statement on the page said.
The researchers found that many of the worker termites had blue spots where the insects' thorax and abdomen met.
But the map doesn't chart election results: Red splotches indicate a high probability of Gunnison sage-grouse nesting; blue spots represent areas where nesting is unlikely.
Lewis and Lester have the same number of blue spots.