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The treatment of pinewood chips with the blue stain fungus Ceratocystis coerulescens for four weeks led to a reduction in aldehyde emissions of the produced pellets with more than 80%.
Leikola et al (10) examined 2 cohorts of patients with ILC, one using toluidine blue stain and one using IHC.
Each board face was manually labeled, according to its largest defect, into one of the following 10 categories: birds eye & freckle, bark & pitch pockets, wane, split, blue stain, stain, pith, dead knot, live knot, and hole (Fig.
Mills responded to the question "Is it more important to control surface mold or blue stain deeper in the wood;" results (47% and 53%, respectively) indicated that neither discoloration condition was perceived clearly as the more important to control.
However, increased fungal blue stain was noted in fumigated materials as compared to controls, which stresses the need for fungicide protection during seasoning.
Selection of developmentally competent oocytes through brilliant cresyl blue stain enhances blastocyst development rate after bovine nuclear transfer.
Just watch a cut on your finger repairing itself or the blue stain of a bruise fading.
This blue stain does not significantly alter the strength and stiffness properties of the wood because the fungus feeds on material inside the cell and not on the cell wall.
Tenders are invited for Giemsa Azur Eosin Methylene Blue Stain Solution, Pack Size- Per Box Of One Liter.
At incubation intervals of 24, 48 and 72 hours, all experimental groups were stained with hematoxylin and eosin stain (H-E) and alcian blue stain.
With all the bug kill in the West, there's a good market for wood from this area to go into Japan because it's bright, white, no blue stain, and it really has a high-end appearance grade.