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white-on-blue photographic print, commonly of a working drawing used during building or manufacturing. The plan is first drawn to scale on a special paper or tracing cloth through which light can penetrate. The drawing is then placed over blueprint paper, prepared with a mixture of potassium ferricyanide and ammonium ferric citrate. When the attached drawing and the blueprint paper are exposed to a strong light, the unprotected ferric salt not lying beneath the lines of the drawing is changed to a ferrous salt that reacts with the ferricyanide to form Turnbull's blue. This blue is the background of the finished print. The ferric salt under the lines of the drawing, protected from the light, remains and is dissolved during the washing in water that follows exposure. As a result, the lines of the original drawing appear white in the finished blueprint.


A reproduction of a drawing by a contact printing process on light-sensitive paper, producing a negative image of white lines on a blue background; refers to architectural working drawings for construction.


(graphic arts)
A contact print, with white lines on a blue background, of a drawing; made on linen or on ferroprussiate paper and developed in water or a special solution.
A photoprint used in offset lithography or photoengraving for use in checking positions of image elements.


a photographic print of plans, technical drawings, etc., consisting of white lines on a blue background
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Architects and engineers will be able to create tailored blueprints to ensure a more accurate and precise design is used, resulting in quicker time to market and lower deployment risks.
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SOA builders and end users will be primary participants, as well as beneficiaries, of this effort," said Miko Matsumura of Infravio, proposed chair of the OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee.
What people need is a blueprint for their idea or business -- a set of guidelines they can follow, gleaned from the experiences of others who have already been there and who know what works and what doesn't work.
com/go/fsb, Cisco Full Service Branch solution blueprints provide business-justification tools; shared implementation best practices; simple, adaptable solution designs; and, specialized implementation partners that can improve total cost of ownership for their customers.
The Unisys enterprise payments blueprint allows banks to optimize their technology investments to improve ROI by helping identify best practices to manage payment revenues, introduce new products and process transactions, and then apply these models across bank departments and delivery systems to reduce costs.
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R) remarked, "WinEst Virtual Takeoff(R) provides a very cost-effective solution for the Takeoff process, simply by using a computer display for onscreen takeoff of scanned or digital blueprints, without the need of external digitizer hardware.