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The cottages are wonderfully spacious, superbly equipped, and situated within the Bluestone village itself.
The Bluestones show that Government can intervene in ways that foster more opportunities for initiative and self-development, and they make a convincing case that our politics will remain stalemated without such basic reforms.
Bluestone's success is rooted in quality relationships with fiscally healthy lenders, investors and clients who have managed to avoid being hurt by the credit crisis," said Matthew McManus , Chairman, NAI Bluestone Real Estate Capital.
Prior to joining Bluestone, Barbara Ayotte oversaw the development and marketing of vacuum pumps and leak detectors in her role as a product manager at Alcatel Vacuum Products, Inc.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with an energy-conservation leader like Bluestone Energy," said Doug Jaeger.
To help with the increased demand, Ryan Blair, Bluestone Energy's Director of Project Management, will oversee the expansion of the division and will act as a facilitator for new supermarket projects.
Over the last two years, Bluestone Energy has grown a well-respected data center efficiency division, and I am excited to join," said Janet Ferry, Bluestone Energy's Director of Data Center Business Development.
Since opening up our Buffalo office last year, Bluestone Energy has seen countless opportunities for low ROI conservation projects," said Adam Fairbanks, Bluestone's Vice President of Business Development and Engineering.
We are delighted to be a part of ComEd's Efficiency Expo," said Ross Fairbanks, Manager of Bluestone Energy's Chicago office.
I am excited to join Bluestone Energy and am extremely impressed with the record growth Bluestone Energy has achieved over the last year," said Coy Stine, Bluestone Energy's Data Center Services Director.
I am thrilled with Bluestone's success for the last twenty years," said Peter Fairbanks, President of Bluestone Energy Services.