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It gives would-be opera bluffers concise, hilarious nuggets of information to equip them for sounding as if they know what they are talking about, and guide them through potential conversations and pitfalls.
He can spot a bluffer from a mile away so you have to be straight up with him - it's the way he wants it.
In order to be a successful bluffer you need to consider your table image and play accordingly.
Film guru Gary Slaymaker's guide to spotting a bluffer Apocalypse Now Francis Ford Coppola's seminal 1979 masterpiece, above, transposes Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness into the midst of the Vietnam War.
If you can succeed in getting him to talk, a bluffer will mumble incoherently, incapable of speech.
But best of all Dara is a great bluffer because if this guy is an awards host, then I have a future as a lapdancer.
Tips to spot a bluffer include a smile that doesn't reach the eyes, fidgeting and looking at the floor.
But the most outrageous professional bluffer of them all is Pierre Brassard, the French Canadian DJ who rang up the Queen.
For the rich, it will make no difference but the poor will suffer under this Tory bluffer.
KEITH Pottage is telly's biggest bluffer - he has bamboozled his way on to more than 150 programmes in the PAST 13 YEARS.
And Chelsea boss JOSE MOURINHO didn't escape either: "A bluffer who just got found out.
Those Cabinet fantasists like Boris Johnson, or the making-it-up-as-you-go-along bluffers like David Davis, who think trade deals on the high seas will replace the biggest market on our doorstep, can be exposed for what they are.