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see swineswine,
name for any of the cloven-hoofed mammals of the family Suidae, native to the Old World. A swine has a rather long, mobile snout, a heavy, relatively short-legged body, a thick, bristly hide, and a small tail.
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wild boar (Sus scrofd), an artiodactylous mammal of the family Suidae. Body length, up to 2 m; height at the withers, up to 1.2 m; weight, up to 300 kg. The upper and lower tusks, particularly large on the males, are turned up and out. The body is covered with coarse bristles, and in the winter, with a soft undercoat. Adult boars are brown; the young have light lengthwise stripes. They inhabit North Africa, Europe, and Asia. In the USSR they live in the Baltic region, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, the Volga delta, Middle Asia, Kazakhstan, Southern Siberia, and Primor’e.

The wild boar prefers forests and reeds near reservoirs and mountain forests. It is omnivorous, feeding on rhizomes, tubers, grass, acorns, the fruit of wild apple and pear trees, worms, insect larvae, snails, and small rodents. Wild boars herd in small groups and are nocturnal animals. They mate from November through January, and three or four young are born from March to May. Boars are hunted for their meat, hide, and bristles. They sometimes damage crops. Domestic pigs derived from the wild boar.


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a male swine animal; the swine sire. The sexual instincts appear at four or five months of age. For best breeding results, the boar should be put into service no earlier than ten months of age, when it weighs 160–200 kg. In purebreeding, the boars selected are from superior parents, the largest and most typical representatives of their breed and possessing no apparent external defects. Culling is carried out at the age of two months according to physical appearance and at six to 6½ months according to weight, average daily weight gain, backfat thickness, body length, and the plumpness of the ham area.

During the first breeding season, the reproductive capacity of the boar is tested according to the conception rate of sows and the quality of the piglets. Boars that are transferred to the main herd, which is done at about 1½ years of age, are progeny tested, that is, evaluated according to their genotype—the fertility of their daughters, the total weight of each litter at birth, and the fattening rates and meat qualities of the offspring. Such an evaluation system makes it possible to differentiate boars according to desired traits. In directed purebreeding, high-grade boars are used as the progenitors of lines based on the dominant characters of the boar—fattening rate, or meat quality, and fertility.

The quality of the semen is checked periodically. A boar produces more offspring than a sow, especially with the widespread use of artificial insemination, and to some extent affects the productive qualities of the progeny. With artificial insemination, a single boar may service 250 to 500 sows. A boar is usually bred five to seven years.


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What does it mean when you dream about a boar?

The wild boar is an aggressive and potentially dangerous animal. As a cliché, the boar is used to depreciate the personality of some people; e.g., the statement, “they are such a boar.” Perhaps the dreamer is bored by a person or a situation (or have they become the boar?)


(vertebrate zoology)


1. an uncastrated male pig
2. See wild boar
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