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The following information technology certifications are described in this encyclopedia. See also aptitude tests.

For CertificationIn:                Look Up:

 Adobe products      ACE

 Auditing            CISA

 Document Imaging    CompTIA

 E-Commerce          EC-Council certification
 E-Commerce          CompTIA

 General             CCP

 Internet/intranet   CompTIA

 Linux               CompTIA

 Networking          CompTIA

 Printing            Xplor

 Project Mgt.        CompTIA

 Security            CISSP
 Security            CISM
 Security            CompTIA
 Security            GIAC
 Security            SSCP
 Security            OSCP

 Servers             CompTIA

 Service Tech        CompTIA

 Technical Trainer   CompTIA

 Webmaster           CIWVendor Products Cisco certification Microsoft certification Novell certification Sun certification


The process of evaluating the accuracy of the documentation on the eligibility of a property for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.


A certificate issued by a national aviation regulatory authority (e.g., FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]), stating that this type of aircraft meets all stipulated safety requirements. Certification also indicates that the air and ground crew meet all set qualifications.
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We want to encourage teachers to strive to be the best in their fields through National Board Certification, ensuring high quality education for their students.
Research demonstrating the benefits of Board Certification and the ABMS Maintenance of Certification program
8220;Attaining board certification has always been very important to me,” stated Mr.
For example, Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), which consistently ranks in the nation's top 20 districts in terms of teachers becoming National Board certified, successfully implements National Board Certification to advance effective teaching.
Education law board certification is for lawyers who handle legal rights, responsibilities, procedures, and practices of educational institutions, students, personnel employed by or on behalf of educational institutions, and the guardians and parents of students participating in education.
The Plaintiffs' complaint states "Any woman who attempts to obtain the honor, prestige, gigantic marketing and business boost associated with Board Certification is given forms to fill out, asked to spend several thousand dollars, take a 'Board Certification examination,' and then is arbitrarily told that they failed the exam.
The program can be used by any educator as a stand-alone professional development tool or by licensed teachers as an initial step in becoming candidates for National Board Certification.
Applications for Florida Bar board certification in first-cycle specialties --those for which applications were due August 31--are up 27 percent from 2008.
National board certification is a very rigorous process,'' said Pat Wheeler, spokesperson for the board.
By promoting the commitment to quality improvement, professionalism and lifelong learning that maintaining board certification embodies, Aetna continues to work with the medical community to advance evidence-based medicine and adherence to care guidelines established by physicians," said Troyen Brennan, MD, MPH, Aetna's chief medical officer.
NBLSC is an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited organization providing Board Certification for lawyers.
The BLSE also gave its Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification to the Spohrer & Dodd firm of Jacksonville.

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