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The following information technology certifications are described in this encyclopedia. See also aptitude tests.

For CertificationIn:                Look Up:

 Adobe products      ACE

 Auditing            CISA

 Document Imaging    CompTIA

 E-Commerce          EC-Council certification
 E-Commerce          CompTIA

 General             CCP

 Internet/intranet   CompTIA

 Linux               CompTIA

 Networking          CompTIA

 Printing            Xplor

 Project Mgt.        CompTIA

 Security            CISSP
 Security            CISM
 Security            CompTIA
 Security            GIAC
 Security            SSCP
 Security            OSCP

 Servers             CompTIA

 Service Tech        CompTIA

 Technical Trainer   CompTIA

 Webmaster           CIWVendor Products Cisco certification Microsoft certification Novell certification Sun certification


The process of evaluating the accuracy of the documentation on the eligibility of a property for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


A declaration in writing that a particular product or service complies with a specification or stated criterion.


A certificate issued by a national aviation regulatory authority (e.g., FAA [Federal Aviation Administration]), stating that this type of aircraft meets all stipulated safety requirements. Certification also indicates that the air and ground crew meet all set qualifications.
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Achieving National Board Certification takes hard work and dedication, and shows our teachers strong commitment to their profession and to improving teaching and learning for all Kentuckys students, said Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt.
Cutoff values for years of experience were based on the fact that it may take several years for physicians to achieve board certification or conclude that further attempts are likely futile.
The board certification process includes written and/or oral tests.
But in the school reform bills before us, we have included national board certification as one of the criteria for leadership awards as part of an individualized compensation package for educators in Idaho.
com partners with medical institutions, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, UCLA, UC-San Francisco, and the University of Chicago, among others, to provide programs that help doctors prepare for Board certification and re-certification exams and master the latest clinical procedures.
The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) announced in May that VA will reimburse eligible veterans up to $2,000 for National Board Certification fees for each first-time or retake assessment.
His credentials include board certification in family medicine with CAQ in geriatrics and certification by the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians with subspecialty certification in managed care.
In addition, teachers who gain Board Certification get bumped up one lane in their pay scale (which can mean an increase of $2,500 or more) or a boost of 7 percent if they're on the doctorate schedule.
Now, teachers must pass a number of benchmarks to move up the ladder, including time requirements, the writing of a professional development dossier, and the attainment of a master's degree or a national board certification.
Ninety-one members of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) recently achieved National Board Certification, becoming the first to receive certificates in the area of teacher-librarianship.
History and has achieved National Board Certification.
The authors describe the consequences of these disparities and offer some recommendations for making National Board certification accessible to a more diverse group of teachers from a wider range of school districts.

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