boat people

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boat people,

term used to describe the Indochinese refugees who fled Communist rule after the Vietnam War (1975) in small boats and the many ethnic Chinese who left Vietnam similarly after China's invasion of Vietnam in 1979. More than one million people became refugees. Many perished, and others, upon reaching other Southeast Asian countries, discovered they could not remain permanently. The United States, Canada, and other nations accepted most of the refugees in the late 1970s and the 1980s. Although people continued to flee Vietnam into the mid-1990s, nearly all later boat people have been regarded as economic, not political, refugees. In 1996 the United Nations decided to end the financing of the camps holding the remaining 40,000 boat people, and Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines returned most of the remaining refugees to Vietnam. In the late 20th and early the 21st cent. a new but smaller wave of boat people, refugees and migrants predominantly from South and Southeast Asia, sought to reach Australia. Beginning in 2001 Australia instituted (except during 2007–12) a policy of detaining and processing the refugees offshore (on Nauru and, until 2017, on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island) and, from 2013, of denying them asylum in Australia. The term boat people has also been used to describe political and economic refugees from other areas, such as Haiti, Africa and the Middle East, and Myanmar, who fled their homelands by similar means.
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He also claims Thatcher was "at her worst" during 1989's Vietnamese boat people crisis.
And he says Thatcher was at "her worst" during the 1989 Vietnamese boat people crisis, reporting Mr Hurd having told him she preferred a policy of "pushing off" Vietnamese boat people - and refusing to allow them to land, "oblivious of appalling implications.
It discusses such terms as apartheid, Axis of Evil, boat people, Cold War, collateral damage, containment, cyber warfare, demilitarization, domino theory, ethnic cleansing, friendly fire, holocaust, insurgency, kill list, jihad/jihadism, liberation, mercenaries, narcoterrorism, peacekeeping, psychological operations, surge, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction.
HOUSTON -- For more than a decade, Jannette Diep has been helping immigrants apply for US citizenship, and as the presidential election looms, Diep, the executive director of Boat People SOS, says she has seen a rising interest among immigrants in becoming US citizens.
Gillian Hill wrote: "I was on the boat - RNLI, boat people and emergency services were amazing
But Australian officials have had trouble explaining how a few thousand boat people threatens Australia's "national security.
In the 1970s Vietnamese boat people fleeing war were even re-housed in empty hospitals.
We helped Vietnamese boat people, Kosovans - why do we not help these people who are so frightened they would rather risk drowning than stay.
We helped Vietnamese boat people and Kosovans, why do we not help these people who are so frightened they would rather risk drowning than stay?
in July and August, with the remaining boat people in shelters at
It helped 1,500 Jews after World War II, and in the 1970s, it took in thousands of Vietnamese boat people fleeing their country after the war, and build centers for them in Palawan and Bataan.
The boat people were sent by the navy to Haigyi Island for further action.