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see canoeingcanoeing,
sport of propelling a canoe through water. John MacGregor, an English barrister and founder of the Royal Canoe Club (est. 1865), is generally credited with being the initiator of modern sport canoeing.
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; iceboatingiceboating,
sport of sailing a specially prepared boat equipped with runners over ice. The first iceboats were probably sailed by the Dutch during the 18th cent., although the Finns and Sami (Lapps) may have built similar vehicles at a much earlier date. During the 19th cent.
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; motorboatingmotorboating,
sport of navigating a motor-powered vessel on the water. It is done on either fresh- or saltwater and may be competitive or recreational. The first successful motorboat traveled (1887) a few yards on the Seine River in Paris.
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; rowingrowing,
the art of propelling a boat by means of oars operated by hand. Boats propelled by oars (e.g., the galley) were used in ancient times for both war and commerce. Rowing is now generally used only for propelling small boats or for sport.
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; and sailingsailing,
as a sport, the art of navigating a sailboat for recreational or competitive purposes. Racing Classes

There is no single "yacht type" of boat, rather many types that include sloops, yawls, catamarans, and ketches.
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The boating suit went on in a twinkling, and Rose was off with a hop and a skip, little dreaming how many hours it would be before she saw her pretty room again.
They went boating on the harbor and up the three pretty rivers that flowed into it; they had clambakes on the bar and mussel-bakes on the rocks; they picked strawberries on the sand-dunes; they went out cod-fishing with Captain Jim; they shot plover in the shore fields and wild ducks in the cove--at least, the men did.
Ellen seemed to hesitate, but catching a glimpse of Paul, who stood leaning proudly on his rifle, whistling, with an appearance of the utmost indifference, the air of a boating song, she recovered her recollection in time to answer,--
I shall never get her away from them; and I want her to have delicious do-nothing days, filled with boating and chatting and riding and driving; that is the holiday she needs.
But you, who have a higher logic than the verbal to guide you, have already foreseen, as the direct sequence to that unfavorable opinion of Stephen's, that he walked down to the boathouse calculating, by the aid of a vivid imagination, that Maggie must give him her hand at least twice in consequence of this pleasant boating plan, and that a gentleman who wishes ladies to look at him is advantageously situated when he is rowing them in a boat.
recreational boating industry estimated that there will be a 12-13 percent increase in sales of new powerboats from 2013-2015.
Colombo, May 18 (Xinhua-ANI): Sri Lanka is to build marinas for private boat parking in order to promote boating culture and support emerging boat building industry, a minister said on Friday.
Meanwhile, Los Angeles County supervisors last week accepted a $70,000 grant from the state Department of Boating and Waterways for a new sheriff's patrol boat at Pyramid Lake, about 20 miles north of Castaic.
Four solid boating references from the boating experts at Paradise Cay assure a range of facts will be at the boat-owner's fingertips.
Wooden runabouts, utilities, cruisers--even steam-powered launches--are becoming major attractions for boating enthusiasts.
To educate boaters and the general public about keeping marine environments clean and safe, the Harwich Port, Massachusetts-based American Boating Association has developed a Clean Boating and Environmental Stewardship page as part of its American Boating Online website.
The week of May 19-25 has been designated as National Safe Boating Week.