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If he's in range and at the proper body angle for a shot, and you see his head jerk up for a better smell, promptly draw and shoot; he'll probably depart in a few seconds anyway.
A newly developed active lean system optimally and automatically controls vehicle body angle, ensuring stable ride and providing an unprecedented feeling of oneness with the vehicle significantly different from driving a car or motorcycle.
The skin patch records the digital message, along with the patient's heart rate, body angle and activity, and sends the data to a bluetooth-enabled device such as a phone or computer.
The patient's body angle is not always equal to the HOB angle as the upper body may slip down in bed.
He was a bit surprised by the pass and I got the body angle right," Pons chuckled.
The two relating to the maul, governing body angle and the fact it can be pulled down legally, have failed the test.
Waiting until the last possible second to correct his body angle in the first game, Maas infuriated Borth.
In addition to the skill needed to get the aircraft body angle absolutely right on contact with the water, there is the added complication of reduced manoeuvrability due to the downgrading of the fly by wire controls.
Once the lean creates the desired body angle, the first step is very important.
Her body angle and the triangular-type faceting on her bodice produce a stretching effect, and she has a simple, Rosaline-colored hair band holding her ponytail.
Prelimina ry recordings of NIRS during the tilt-up response indicate that compensatory cerebral vascular dilation following the stop change in body angle requires 20 to 50 sec.