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The blue-black plumage coverage of grassquit males was positively related to the body condition score (F = 12.
After feeding a short time, we'll have a baseline from which to adjust the amount fed to maintain ideal body condition and provide for energy requirements day-to-day and season-to-season.
DMI is influenced by stage of transition phase, body condition score and parity (Hayirli et al.
Body condition scoring is a great way to evaluate an animal's fat.
When young cows have their calves removed early, the demands of lactation cease--allowing the cow to focus her resources on body condition and growth.
The researchers then assessed the body condition of 15 randomly selected horses to see if the scores had under or overestimated the horse's weight.
Performance of these three recognized indigenous goats with respect to differences in breed, body condition score, season, sex, litter size and parity is practically non-existent in literature.
ABSTRACT--We investigated associations between rainfall and body condition of desert mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus eremicus) in the Sonoran Desert, California, using two indices of condition based on body fat: a categorical score based on subcutaneous fat and visibility of bones under the skin of free-ranging animals via remote photography, and percent fat in the marrow of long-bones of harvested males.
Differences in body condition between noninfected bats, bats with positive oropharyngeal swabs only, and bats with positive oropharyngeal and brain specimens were tested by an analysis of variance; index of body condition was the dependent variable.
Course manager Rhodri Owen said: "The flock has had a good autumn and ewes are in very good body condition.
I am lucky I have seven weeks before the racing starts, so I have time to improve my body condition.
The survey showed a significant difference in population density among buildings as well as a significant difference in the body condition of males.