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That is the only way to get a kettle to boil up the river.
Upon which the kettle boils over, and puts the stove out.
That's like saying you can't boil water to make a cup of tea.
A boil develops when a hair follicle or a sebaceous gland (which secretes sebum into the hair follicle) becomes infected, usually with the bacterium staphylococcus aureus, which some people carry on their skin.
The first mystery was the simple question of how to boil an egg.
When the temperature is high enough to separate the individual molecules from each other, they boil, or become a gas.
Water officials told selectmen Wednesday night they could be lifting the boil order by Friday.
Apart from the expense - 86p for goodness sake - who can't boil an egg?
As a result they were continuing to advise people affected to boil water for drinking and food preparation.
From the James Martin Collection, this is another gadget that lets you boil up to seven eggs in the one go and also lets you boil them soft, medium or hard.
FILL the top section to the brim and use a plunger to decide how much to boil - it can cope with as little as 200ml, making it fast and eco-friendly.