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Tenders are invited for Annual Preventive / Breakdown Maintenance Of Burners, Slag Crushers, Boiler Casing And Structure Of Unit 7 (100 Mw) Of Atps, Obra
UPPER DENBY: April 9 thieves steal boiler casing from yard at The George Inn.
The typical installation was not attractive, what with controls of various types sticking our from the boiler casing and an oil or gas unit poking out in front.
We understand Miss Dowling might prefer to remove the boiler casing so the worktop runs at the same level throughout.
Tenders are invited for Work contract for application of thermal insulation including removal of old insulation at boiler casing, ducts,critical and non-critical pipelines of 210 MW unit # 4 boiler during annual overhaul
Concurrently boiler casing installation is being carried out on the boiler unit foundation, along with boiler site joint activity in the building yard.
Concurrently the details of boiler casing are delivered to the construction site.