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/boynk/ [Usenet: variously ascribed to the TV series "Cheers" "Moonlighting", and "Soap"] 1. To have sex with; compare bounce. (This is mainstream slang.) In Commonwealth hackish the variant "bonk" is more common.

2. After the original Peter Korn "Boinkon" Usenet parties, used for almost any net social gathering, e.g. Miniboink, a small boink held by Nancy Gillett in 1988; Minniboink, a Boinkcon in Minnesota in 1989; Humpdayboinks, Wednesday get-togethers held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Compare @-party.

3. Variant of "bonk"; see bonk/oif.
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Boink Boink is a leading bubble soccer specialist for team building games, kids' party and birthday parties.
features an iconic Mexican cartoon character wandering in the desert and receiving a boink on the head from a potted cactus.
ConSeal PC FIREWALL's advanced filter technology with rule sets protects against Denial of Service attacks such as Winn Nuke, Boink, Bonk, Teardrop, Nestea, Land, etc.