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/boynk/ [Usenet: variously ascribed to the TV series "Cheers" "Moonlighting", and "Soap"] 1. To have sex with; compare bounce. (This is mainstream slang.) In Commonwealth hackish the variant "bonk" is more common.

2. After the original Peter Korn "Boinkon" Usenet parties, used for almost any net social gathering, e.g. Miniboink, a small boink held by Nancy Gillett in 1988; Minniboink, a Boinkcon in Minnesota in 1989; Humpdayboinks, Wednesday get-togethers held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Compare @-party.

3. Variant of "bonk"; see bonk/oif.
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Doubtless men married to blondes--marriage seems to be something of a pattern--stop boinking them when their hair dulls, while men married to brunettes keep at it, producing the swarms of defective kids that one usually sees in China, Mexico.
There is the Titans' Al Del Greco, who went more than seven years without missing an extra point before boinking one off the left upright Sunday in Tennessee's torturous 24-23 loss to the Ravens.
it is beyond me what spiritual values any Christian has in common with someone whose idea of beatific bliss is boinking an endless parade of the well-rounded houris said to inhabit the Muslim paradise .