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see fireballfireball,
very bright meteor leaving a trail in the sky that can remain visible for several minutes; often a distinct sound, perhaps caused by very low frequency radio waves, is associated with it.
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(boh -lÿd) A brilliant meteor that appears to explode, i.e. a detonating fireball. The brighter ones are caused by ablating meteorites that subsequently fall to Earth. About 5000 bolides occur in the Earth's atmosphere each year.



a bright meteor with pronounced angular dimensions. The most brilliant bolides may be visible even in daylight; at night, the mantle and the tail are visible. Bolides leave a trail of ionizing gases and dust. The flight of a bolide may be accompanied by acoustic phenomena and sometimes terminates in the fall of a meteorite.


A brilliant meteor, especially one which explodes; a detonating fireball meteor.
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Christene Labuschagne observed the bolide from near Theronsberg, and was the eastern-most reporter.
Bolide Software started in 2003 as a developer of software for collectors of movies and books.
2), bolides can occur anywhere on our home planet (fig.
Bright, thunderous fiery meteors are called fireballs or bolides (bo-lides).
We're always on the lookout for frauds or hoaxes, and 95 per cent of UFO sightings are just military or civilian aircraft, laser light show, Venus, bolide meteors or some other natural phenomenon.
Il avait fallu, dernierement, aux gendarmes fermer carrement la section de la voie express reliant Bou-Ismail a Tipasa au niveau de la bretelle donnant vers Khemisti pour intercepter un motard roulant sur un bolide a une vitesse vertigineuse tout en se faufilant entre les files de voitures et en accomplissant des acrobaties dignes d'un cascadeur.
The ambassador of the NASA/ JPL solar system to Utah, Patrick Wiggins, explained that the object was flashing different colours, which was the typical characteristic feature of a bolide meteor.
This recently-signed contract provides for new operator training simulators, upgraded fire units to support the BORC night-capable sight and the latest Bolide missile, new external power supplies plus a four-year support agreement.
The Limousin bulls included in the order are Wilodge Cerberus (a second order to the Czech Republic), Plumtree Deus, Plumtree Fantastic and Haltcliffe Underwriter as well as two French-bred bulls Bolide and Vagabond.
Mais la machine de l'OCK etait bien lancee, et Nonou herite d'une balle repoussee par la transversale suite a un bolide de Rqioui, et double la mise pour l'equipe phosphatiere.
Le petit prodige australien collectionne les ecarts de conduite depuis la fin de saison : exces de vitesse, delit de fuite, refus d'obtemperer, condamnation en justice pour avoir conduit un bolide alors qu'il n'en avait pas le droit.
The new version can use either the Mk 2 missile or the Bolide, the latter provides an effective intercept range of eight km and altitude coverage of over 5000 metres.