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name for the larvae of two different moths. The pink bollwormpink bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Pectinophora gossypiella. Probably of Native American origin, it is a serious pest of cotton in the S United States, chiefly along the Mexican border.
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 is a serious pest of cotton, and the corn earwormcorn earworm
or cotton bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Heliothis zea. Also known as tomato fruitworm, the larva attacks a variety of crops, boring into and feeding on the developing fruits—tomatoes, corn kernels, or cotton bolls.
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, or cotton bollworm, attacks cotton, corn, and other crops.
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In Arizona, Carriere and his colleagues analyzed data on cotton varieties and pink bollworm infestations from 1991--5 years before the introduction of Bt cotton--until 2001.
Esquivel at College Station, Texas, have years of expertise developing new tactics to fight two of cotton's worst enemies--cotton bollworms and budworms.
In a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, the experts said that almost a million cotton bales are affected by pink bollworm every year.
The damage caused by American bollworm was negligible, therefore, not included in the data.
Off-season management strategy adopted well before cotton sowing would minimize the chances of attack by pink bollworm and other pests, he said.
According to Cotton Ginners Forum Chairman Ihsanul Haq, the Punjab government has put restrictions on cotton sowing before mid-April under Section 144 believing that it will save the crop from pink bollworm.
Excessive rains and pest infestations, especially pink bollworm, thus had a detrimental effect on the last cotton crop," said Naseem Usman, a leading cotton trader.
He also pointed out that there is a lack of researches in pink bollworm and urged the entomologists to come up with the viable solutions to the problem.
At the same time cotton accounts for 58% of the insecticides used in India and 60% of the insecticides used are to control the "bollworm complex" Helicoverpa zea, the American bollworm or tomato grub and Helicoverpa armigera, the Old World bollworm.
The main reason behind cotton collapse had been attributed to substandard imported seed which was not immune from pest attack as claimed and absence of any spray to kill pink bollworm which destroyed 60 per cent of the crop, he added.
The larvae of the pink bollworm attack plants at the beginning of the fruiting stage causing huge losses to the cotton green bolls, fibers and seeds and accordingly great reduction in the cotton yield [22].