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name for the larvae of two different moths. The pink bollwormpink bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Pectinophora gossypiella. Probably of Native American origin, it is a serious pest of cotton in the S United States, chiefly along the Mexican border.
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 is a serious pest of cotton, and the corn earwormcorn earworm
or cotton bollworm,
destructive larva of a moth, Heliothis zea. Also known as tomato fruitworm, the larva attacks a variety of crops, boring into and feeding on the developing fruits—tomatoes, corn kernels, or cotton bolls.
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, or cotton bollworm, attacks cotton, corn, and other crops.
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It has been documented that where protein expression for 2 Cry1Ac cotton varieties differed the survival of bollworm also differed (Adamczyk & Gore 2004a).
Because toxins are present in cotton for the entire life of the plant and in all parts of the plant, scientists are concerned that tobacco budworm and bollworm may rapidly develop resistance to Bt cotton.
In contrast, lines that contained just the Vip3A trait were equally efficacious against bollworm larvae compared to lines containing just the Cry1Ab trait or lines containing the stacked Cry1Ab + Vip3A trait (Fig.
States and counties where the natural refuge option is not available are areas where pink bollworm is a significant pest.
Esquivel at College Station, Texas, have years of expertise developing new tactics to fight two of cotton's worst enemies--cotton bollworms and budworms.
Key Words: Tobacco budworm, bollworm, Cicer arietinum, Gossipium hirsutum, Abutilon theophrasti
Half the cotton grown in China in 2002 was Bt cotton, modified to produce a toxin to the cotton bollworm, a pest that devastates many cotton crops.
Released at the peak of pregnancy, female Trichogramma seek the perfect place to lay their eggs: directly into the eggs of such agricultural pests as the cotton bollworm and the European corn borer.
For years, Indian cotton growers have suffered from the effects of heavy bollworm infestations that have destroyed crops across the country and deprived them of profits.
In just 2-1/2 hours, it could detect remains of cotton bollworm larvae in the soldier bug's gut.
The best characterized of these newly discovered polydnaviruses is one associated with Campoletis sonorensis, a less than half-inch long wasp that attacks two larvae -- the tobacco budworm and another that's variously known as the cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm or corn earworm.