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To direct a stream of particles or photons against a target.
To carry out a sustained attack upon a city, fort, or the like with bombs, projectiles, rockets, or other explosive missiles.



one of the first types of artillery weapons used during the siege and defense of fortresses in the 14th to the 16th century. Small-caliber bombards did not serve their purposes, and artillery manufacturers began to produce weapons of very large calibers, up to 1,000 mm, and weights of 16–19 tons. Bombard barrels were made from bands of welded iron fastened tightly with iron rings, or they were cast from bronze and embedded in wooden frames or blocks; in the back, poles were driven in for support or a small stone wall was set up. Once established, the angle of elevation was not changed. Bombards were loaded through the muzzle and shot stone cannonballs. Their range was 400–700 m.

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As the sleigh reached the bottom of Lewis Place, it was bombarded by missiles which led to the visit being abandoned.
The Turkish warplanes have bombarded several areas of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, under justification of chasing elements of the anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) over the past few weeks, forcing Kurdish citizens to desert their home villages and causing severe material damage.
Israeli occupation forces bombarded Palestinians' houses in the eastern areas, south of the Gaza Strip today.
Sirat said that a Taliban tractor loaded with ammunition was also bombarded in the same air attack.
Villaraigosa has steered clear of the more conservative talk stations in recent months because he often gets bombarded with questions regarding illegal immigration and little attention is given to other issues that are under his purview.
Extreme Action debuts this summer and has been bombarded with sign-ups from girls," a Pali spokesperson tells us.
As if students weren't bombarded with enough bullying in school hallways and on sports fields, bullying is going where it's never gone before--cyber space.
Shouldn't it be the viewer's choice to watch television without being bombarded with product placements?
Every day, you're bombarded with brand names and ads for various products.
We are bombarded by advice about what to eat, yet how much focus is given to the how of eating?
At the turn of each new calendar year we are bombarded with media pronouncements on the supposed significance of the old one.
So we say to CEOs who are tired of getting bombarded on every front: Stand up and make your case.