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Additionally, the bombardier beetle has the ability to direct its defensive spray toward its aggressor very accurately.
As discussed, this bombardier beetle has a particularly high accuracy for hitting its intended target.
The protective role of the spray mechanism of the bombardier beetle, Brachynus ballistarius.
Spray mechanism of the most primitive bombardier beetle (Metrius contractus).
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Most bombardier beetles exist in the family Carabidae, and within that family are three subfamilies: Brachinae, Metriinae, and Paussinae (Aneshansley et al.
However, bombardier beetles are able to discharge their spray in as little as 90 milliseconds when sufficiently provoked, thus evading capture by toads (Dean et al.
Forsyth (1972) describes the spray nozzle as a "gaping aperture," at the ninth tergite (a plate of abdominal cuticle), or as a "short membranous tube" in different species of bombardier beetles.
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