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To direct a stream of particles or photons against a target.
To carry out a sustained attack upon a city, fort, or the like with bombs, projectiles, rockets, or other explosive missiles.



one of the first types of artillery weapons used during the siege and defense of fortresses in the 14th to the 16th century. Small-caliber bombards did not serve their purposes, and artillery manufacturers began to produce weapons of very large calibers, up to 1,000 mm, and weights of 16–19 tons. Bombard barrels were made from bands of welded iron fastened tightly with iron rings, or they were cast from bronze and embedded in wooden frames or blocks; in the back, poles were driven in for support or a small stone wall was set up. Once established, the angle of elevation was not changed. Bombards were loaded through the muzzle and shot stone cannonballs. Their range was 400–700 m.

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Readers have been bombarding the University of California with protests by letter, phone, fax and e-mail.
After all, Fermi had been bombarding elements with neutrons to produce elements higher by one atomic number (see 1934).
BMA will host a panel of three Silicon Valley public relations (PR) experts and a high-tech executive journalist as they take a look at the future of PR amid the myriad of new electronic communications media bombarding industry marketers.
LADY Gaga is outraged that her fans have been bombarding Adele with jibes about her weight.
Thus, the number of house-size bodies per unit area bombarding the outer planets should far exceed the number reaching Earth.