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We can all think of people who are bone idle - whether or not they happen to have a job.
Toby Stephens continues to play bone idle and hapless DI Jack Armstrong, while Miranda Raison plays his new partner, DI Georgina Dixon, following the departure of Lucy Punch, who played the equally professional and highly conscientious Kate Bishop.
He would have qualified as a working class hero if he wasn't so bone idle and she would have given The Good Life's Margot a run for her money in the snobbery stakes.
Mr McGuirk was quoted as saying: "We've got some bone idle people in the public sector.
The state should not have to underwrite the sexual peccadillos of the irresponsible or pamper the bone idle.
Granted, he can be bone idle in his races and is likely to drop the bit at some stage, thus making for an uncomfortable ride for his backers, but his resolution and staying prowess will make him hard to beat under the prevailing conditions.
Are they being thoughtless or are they just so bone idle that they cannot be bothered?
I am sure it aggravates intensely the vast majority of hard working taxpayers to hear Vera Baird and Stuart Bell acting as apologists for the bone idle parasites who contribute nothing to society.
Bone idle Zafarabad woke up his ideas to put himself back in serious reckoning for the Cheltenham Festival.
UNTIL bone idle parents stop paying PS25+ on a family take-away of junk food and start cooking a chicken dinner with all the trimmings for PS6.
TWO television programmes of late have painted our wonderful region in the poorest of lights, one would be forgiven for thinking we are all pastie-chomping, lager-slurping, bone idle, layabouts that are a drain on the country''s ever dwindling coffers.