bone marrow transplant

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bone marrow transplant:

see bone marrowbone marrow,
soft tissue filling the spongy interiors of animal bones. Red marrow is the principal organ that forms blood cells in mammals, including humans (see blood). In children, the bones contain only red marrow.
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ISLAMABAD -- Researchers have discovered that a rabbit virus can kill some kinds of cancer cells and eliminate a common unwanted side effects of bone marrow transplants.
PESHAWAR -- Despite there being a massive demand, Pakistan faces a shortage of donors and resources for bone marrow transplants.
The experts stressed the need for good quality bone marrow transplant centres, better control of infections and increasing funding for bone marrow transplant in Pakistan.
Bone marrow transplant is the curative option and hence the families of the four Sri Lankan children decided to opt for this treatment modality.
We need to do over ten thousand Bone Marrow Transplants every year but we at present are doing just about one hundred and twenty.
Increasing worldwide prevalence of cancers and anemia is the major driver for the growth of global bone marrow transplant market.
These transplants are being done at the MIOT Institute of Haematology, Haemato-Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplant, which has the most advanced in infrastructure and expertise in the country today.
CHILDREN'S bone marrow transplants will not be carried out in Liverpool anymore.
Dixit, 21, who lives in Dwarka, was suffering from leukemia or blood cancer, a life- threatening disease which only a bone marrow transplant could cure.
Turkish physicians have every kind of knowledge and experience regarding bone marrow transplant.
Three-year-old Mariam Bint Abu Ahmad needed a bone marrow transplant for which a donor was not a problem, but the family had to look for advanced facilities to successfully perform the surgery.
The ward remains open to bone marrow transplant patients.

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