bone marrow transplant

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bone marrow transplant:

see bone marrowbone marrow,
soft tissue filling the spongy interiors of animal bones. Red marrow is the principal organ that forms blood cells in mammals, including humans (see blood). In children, the bones contain only red marrow.
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CHANGE: Bone marrow transplants will no longer be carried out at Alder Hey
But under a new alternative surgery, halfmatched bone marrows are being used to save patients," said Dr Dinesh Bhurani, senior consultant of the bone marrow transplant programme at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre.
In such a situation, a bone marrow transplant is the only permanent solution.
Children who need bone marrow transplants may be spared some of the worst side effects of chemotherapy after doctors developed a new technique to prevent rejection.
Between the time of the bone marrow transplant and the 6-month interview, 48 children died and 29 mothers dropped out; between the 6- and 18-month interviews, 73 children died and 30 mothers dropped out, said Dr.
It was back in 1983 that haematologist Dr Whittaker embarked on a programme of bone marrow transplants at the University Hospital of Wales.
In an unpublished study, Andrew Streifel, a hospital environmental specialist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis who also has studied this spore-carrying phenomenon, compared clinical Aspergillus isolates recovered from pediatric versus adult bone marrow transplant patients.
Preventing opportunistic infections in bone marrow transplant recipients.
For example, the bill states, "An insurer may not exclude coverage for bone marrow transplant procedures recommended by the referring physician and the treating physician under a policy exclusion .
He added that bone marrow transplant was the only solution to thalassaemia- an inherited blood disorder, which was common in this region owing to cousin and intra-caste marriages.
Andrew needs a bone marrow transplant, but no suitable donor has yet been found.
In normal mice, the researchers found that each new bone marrow transplant was as effective as the previous one, and all the recipients thrived.

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