bone meal

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bone meal,

finely ground bone used as a fertilizer for its content of phosphate and nitrogen (about 23%–30% available phosphate and 2%–4% nitrogen); it is an expensive form of phosphoric acid when compared with superphosphatessuperphosphate
or superphosphate of lime,
Ca(H2PO4)2, is a compound produced by treating rock phosphate with sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid, or a mixture of the two.
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. Bone meal is also fed to farm animals to supply needed mineral food constituents, e.g., calcium and phosphorus.

Bone Meal


a mineral additive in feed for farm animals made by processing the bones from slaughtered animals. It is made by grinding bones that are defatted by organic solvents and deglutinated by steam. Bone meal is rich in minerals, particularly calcium (245 g in 1 kg of feed) and phosphorus (118 g). For cattle, 40–100 g of bone meal are added to the ration, and for small animals, 8–20 g. Bone meal constitutes up to 1 percent of the weight of mixed feeds.

bone meal

[′bōn ‚mēl]
A substance made by grinding animal bones; steamed meal, made from pressure-steamed bones, is used as a fertilizer; raw meal is used in animal feed.
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The fresh weight and shoot length of plants were the greatest under the bone meal and de-oiled cake treatments, and this trend was significant from the vegetative stage through to the reproductive stage.
In December last he voted against a Labour Party motion calling for a ban on the use of bone meal without ever disclosing his interest.
UK-sourced beef has been embargoed in France since an outbreak of BSE in the 1990s traced to feeding animals meat and bone meal (MBM) which contained sheep brains and other protein.
They showed that the disease could be transmitted to sheep and other animals fed with bone meal made from diseased animals.
The meat came from animals fed unsterilized fodder made from bone meal contaminated with anthrax spores, Burgasov said.
Combined with the macroeconomic situation, feedstuff market conditions and status of animal farming industry, this report gives an in-depth analysis and review of China's feed market in 2010, from the point of production, consumption, trade and prices of Chinese feed industry, and feed raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, feeding fish meal, meat & bone meal and feed-grade aminoacid that affect feed production cost.
Tenders are invited for supply of Good Earth, Farm Yard Manure (Cow Dung Manure), Bone Meal, Neem Cake and other items for use in nursery, and plantation of tree saplings at various locations under West Forest Division
The company recycles used restaurant cooking oil and by-products from the beef, pork and poultry processing industries into useable products such as tallow, feed-grade fats, meat and bone meal and hides.
Dicalcium phosphate or steamed bone meal are commonly fed to provide phosphate, while limestone provides calcium and trace mineralized salt provides the other requirements.
Meat and Bone Meal (MBM) has been used as an environmentally-friendly fuel at the Aberthaw Cement Works as part of an 18-month trial.
MEPs fear the ban is limiting a market for discards and waste from Europe's booming aquaculture sector, and that because of improved testing methods "there is no risk of confusing the presence of [potentially BSE-ridden] mammalian meat and bone meal with fishmeal" in livestock feed.
His recommendation is to fertilize twice a year, in February and August, with one cup of the following mixture per plant: 8 parts alfalfa meal, 2 parts cottonseed meal, 2 parts rock phosphate, 2 parts bone meal, 1 part blood meal and 1 part Epsom salts.