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During more than four decades in power, Omar Bongo cultivated close relations with a succession of French presidents but Ali Bongo's ties to Paris have been more tenuous.
According to a report in Cameroonian media, the Bongo family owned (or currently own) no less than 39 residences across France, including Paris.
color) Willy, a persistent wild pig, appears to have won over Nicole, a rare bongo, for some cross-species cuddling at the Los Angeles Zoo.
Be creative and come up with your own activities to the beat of the bongos.
He will now be welcome company for the farm's other bongo antelope, Ted, and will help a Europe-wide breeding programme by freeing up space at other zoos.
The California manufacturer of Bongo Jeans is suing Estefan and her husband, Emilio, for alleged trademark infringement over their Disney World restaurant - Bongos Cuban Cafe.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, is available now and is available packaged with or without a DK Bongos controller.
The most recent escapees were two bongo antelopes who jumped out of their enclosure last July after a dog attack.
Bongos are traditionally played in a seated position with the instrument held between the knees facing outward.
Donkey Konga(TM), now available exclusively for Nintendo GameCube(TM), combines the new DK Bongos controller with well-known musical selections to foster a wild, clapping, tapping and laughing party atmosphere.
The 2003 Miami International Wine Fair also offered an assortment of scrumptious wine dinner events held at the Hyatt Regency Miami, Morton's of Chicago, Miami City Club, Perricone's, The National Hotel in Miami Beach and Bongos Cuban Cafe, featuring some of the Fair's best wines.
It was the first time I ever saw a pair of bongos and my eyes popped out of my head