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/boynk/ [Usenet: variously ascribed to the TV series "Cheers" "Moonlighting", and "Soap"] 1. To have sex with; compare bounce. (This is mainstream slang.) In Commonwealth hackish the variant "bonk" is more common.

2. After the original Peter Korn "Boinkon" Usenet parties, used for almost any net social gathering, e.g. Miniboink, a small boink held by Nancy Gillett in 1988; Minniboink, a Boinkcon in Minnesota in 1989; Humpdayboinks, Wednesday get-togethers held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Compare @-party.

3. Variant of "bonk"; see bonk/oif.
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The book Family Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies, again in Korean and English editions and edited by Bonk, appeared in 2013.
NetSuite has allowed us to bring our business to the next level in a short time and more importantly prepare us for a quantum leap in our growth," said Chris Frank, Bonk Breaker Chairman and Co-CEO.
For instance, Saudi Arabia, Bonk said, needs to develop infrastructure in the field of e-learning and distance education in areas such as an interactive mobile curriculum, e-books and the logistics of how e-books are infiltrating here and who is going to develop e-books platforms and evaluate the effectiveness of e-books.
First-year birds (and possibly some second-year birds) are not capable of making the Bonk call even though they struggle with open bills to force air out.
Practitioners rather than academics--the Typosophic society, Richard Hamilton, Anthony Hill, Ecke Bonk, Jean Sabrier, even the way Duchamp's "Bachelor Machines" have come to function in several French poststructuralist works.
Bonk, a 4-month-old black Lab-mix, got his name after he was hit by a train Jan.
To help educators and others understand what's possible, Curt Bonk employs his groundbreaking "WE-ALL-LEARN" model to outline ten key technology and learning trends, demonstrating how technology has transformed educational opportunities for learners of every age in every corner of the globe.
Likewise, little did I know that meeting Jonathan Bonk was the beginning of my preparation for pastoral ministry in a multicultural setting.
i've known Bonk and Pete for as long as i can remember.
At Bonk's Market, just as the Bonk family did for many years before them, Kevin and Judy raised their family running a tiny business that added great value to the community.