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6 ( ANI ): Solving the case of mistaken identity, a team of Japanese researchers have identified and clarified biological name of the world's heaviest bony fish ever caught.
The most important commercial bony fish of the Caspian Sea are Rutilus frisii kutum (Caspian kutum), Liza aurata (Golden grey mullet), Liza saliens (Leaping grey mullet), Sander lucioperca (Pikeperch), Cyprinus carpio (European carp), Rutilus rutilus (Roach), species of genus Alosa (Caspian shads), Abramis brama (bream), Chalcalburnus chalcoides (Caspian shamaya) and Vimba vimba (Caspian vimba).
The blades, called gnathal plates, looked so peculiar that most scientists thought that the three-part jaw originated in an early bony fish and that placoderms were just a side branch in the vertebrate family tree.
Scientists were excited by its mix of traits from placoderms - an extinct armoured fish - and bony fish, which gave rise to all modern fish that have jaws and skeletons made of bone.
species of bony fish and chondrichthyan, including an explanation of the terminology and
Feeding on a variety of bony fish including mackerel, tope are generally taken on boat excursions using 50lb class tackle as they are highly reputable as a tough hard fighting fish, making huge surges into the tide and making it very difficult to reel in.
The very bony fish fed indentured servants, and sustained George Washington's desperate Delaware army.
Curious Connections--The strongest bite force of any bony fish ever recorded is 320 Newtons (N)--from South America's black piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus)--the largest species of carnivorous piranha.
Locally, there are efforts to make these particularly bony fish more palatable--for example, during Taste of Chicago, local chefs feature different dishes using the fish.
Bony fish (Figure 1d) seem to be at the bottom in terms of usefulness by all interviewees.