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book of hours,

form of prayer book developed in the 14th cent. from the prayers of clerics appended to the main service. The subjects of the miniature illustrations (see miniature paintingminiature painting
[Ital.,=artwork, especially manuscript initial letters, done with the red lead pigment minium; the word originally had no implication as to size].
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) were frequently derived from the appendix of the Psalter. The book of hours served as a devotional work containing various prayers and meditations appropriate to seasons, months, days of the week, and hours of the day. Many such books are masterpieces of illuminationillumination,
in art, decoration of manuscripts and books with colored, gilded pictures, often referred to as miniatures (see miniature painting); historiated and decorated initials; and ornamental border designs.
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 and were symbols of refinement and wealth in fashionable houses of the 15th cent. Jean, duc de Berry, was among the most renowned collectors of books of hours, and his Très Riches Heures (Musée Condé, Chantilly), illustrated in part by the Limbourg brothersLimbourg brothers
, fl. 1380–1416, family of Franco-Flemish manuscript illuminators. The Limbourg brothers, Pol, Jan, and Herman, were trained as goldsmiths. They succeeded Jacquemart de Hesdin in 1411 as court painters to Jean, duc de Berry.
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 (c.1415), is among the greatest achievements in this genre.
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Around 1450, the Frenchman Simon de Varie commissioned a Book of Hours from two of the most popular illuminators working in mid-century France.
An "illuminated" book of hours, the English texts appear as slides projected on a "screen" of white rebozos.
The illuminations of the book of hours section of the Murthly manuscript are accorded equally close scrutiny.
The Reformation section includes a vestment made for the opening of Henry VIII's chapel in Westminster Abbey, Katherine of Aragon's chasuble (a religious vestment), a locket containing Mary Queen of Scot's hair, and Cadinal Wolsey's Book of Hours.
THE ILLUSTRATED Book of Hours or prayerbook (shelf mark 096 R66 HV) in the Rare Books Collection appears to be one of only four extant copies of an edition which, according to the colophon, was printed in Paris in 1508.
The Book of Hours was so called due to the fact that it contained different prayers for different hours of the day and different times of the year, reported The Independent.
Here you entered a book of hours populated by characters from Aesop, Grimm, Perrault, Lewis Carroll, and the Great Goddess of My Body, My Self, owls mingling with cats, bats, birds, butterflies, and babies, with Red Riding Hood and the wolf, with dead heads, dead monkeys, and head frogs, with pink bosoms, self-replicating vulvas, brains, and kidneys, with bluebeards and spinning spinsters, with doilies, moons, and masses of matted hair, with Dorothy, Alice, and Emily D.
In "A Further Illuminated Devotional Book for the Use of Lady Margaret Beaufort," Janet Backhouse focuses on the "long-lost principal page" (222) of a Book of Hours (London, BL, Add.
Saint Thomas' notations in his prayer book, the Book of Hours, reveal his fears, hopes, thoughts, and inner struggles throughout his fourteen and a half months imprisonment.
Bella Millett's careful study argues for Ancrene Wisse as a kind of early model book of hours, making a strong case for mendicant influence in the development of books of hours and drawing parallels with the earliest Dominican constitutions.
I saw single pages from a Book of Hours on sale a couple of years ago at a London booksellers.
These days Barker is busy with a book of short stories for children titled Clive Barker's Book of Hours, spending his days writing and his evenings painting the book's more than 200 illustrations.