border stone

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A stone forming a curb or part of a curb.
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left to right: Stonemason Gilbert >Ward, David Bowmaker, Robert Charlton and Brian Burnie from Daft as a Brush charity with the beginnings of the stone obelisk at Border Stone Quarries, Haltwhistle.
Robert Charlton failed to install proper safety measures at his Border Stone Quarries business in Kirkholmedale, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, exposing his staff to a killer lung-wasting disease.
Mr Charlton, who also owns Border Stone Quarries in Haltwhistle and the Greenhead Hotel, said he was now considering his options but was keen to continue offering accommodation at the premises.
The "welcome" statues have been funded with pounds 8,000 from the Market Towns Initiative, town council money and Border Stone Quarries.
In protest of the work launched to build a new security post and a road -- the first part of the plan to bolster border security -- near the Iraqi border close to Uludere of E[currency]yrnak province, villagers marched last week towards the border stone number 15 where the 34 villagers were killed by Turkish jets at the end of 2011.
The stone obelisk was provided by Robert Charlton of Border Stone Quarries in Haltwhistle, and the structural design work was carried out by Cundalls in Gosforth, Newcastle.
The start of my end-to-end journey (at 0849 as you correctly say), was in fact at the Border Stone, marked 'SCOTLAND', on the A1 trunk road, and NOT at Berwick.