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Gurdaspur Borer enters the cane through its eyes and travels inside the sugarcane while making a tunnel.
Pheromone traps may assist scouting for the Mexican rice borer, which should begin when the rate of capture reaches 20 moths per trap in a 1 wk period (Hummel et al.
Swingle's Senior Consulting Arborist, Steve Geist, says, "The emerald ash borer does its damage underneath the tree bark -- it's stealth.
The emerald ash borer lives with all these other insects (in its native countries) which keep it in check.
Yasda jig borers consistently achieve outstanding performance in heavy duty machining, something conventional jig borers have traditionally not been known for," said David Lucius, vice president of sales for Methods Machine Tools.
These findings "suggest that the widespread death of ash trees from the emerald ash borer leads to an increase in mortality;' evincing "a causal relationship" between plentiful trees and human health, the researchers wrote.
When emerald ash borer comes into a community, city streets lined with ash trees become treeless.
In a news release, FAO said planning is currently underway for a sub-regional project to manage the tomato borer in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, drawing on techniques used most recently in various Mediterranean countries.
Entomologists led by Richard Stouthamer proposed the name polyphagous shot hole borer (PSHB) for the tiny insect, an ambrosia beetle.
A corn borer is a pest of grain infesting varieties of millet including corn.
The combined effects of berry borer infestation, unfavorable weather conditions and farmer apathy could result in Jamaica's lowest coffee production in more than 20 years, reports The Jamaica Gleaner (Dec.
Along with its foreign cousins, the ash borer is costing local governments $1.