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see city governmentcity government,
political administration of urban areas.

The English tradition of incorporating urban units (cities, boroughs, villages, towns) and allowing them freedom in most local matters is general in the United States (see city; local government). The traditional U.
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; countycounty
[Fr., comté,=domain of a count], division of local government in the United States, Great Britain, and many Commonwealth countries. The county developed in England from the shire, a unit of local government that originated in the Saxon settlements of the 5th
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1. a town, esp (in Britain) one that forms the constituency of an MP or that was originally incorporated by royal charter
2. any of the 32 constituent divisions that together with the City of London make up Greater London
3. any of the five constituent divisions of New York City
4. (in the US) a self-governing incorporated municipality
5. (in medieval England) a fortified town or village or a fort
6. (in New Zealand) a small municipality with a governing body
References in classic literature ?
He is the chief dignitary of the borough, and the very pigs look up to him with a sentiment of reverence.
The good people of the borough had scarcely a chance, however, to get their eyes thoroughly open, when, just as it wanted half a minute of noon, the rascal bounced, as I say, right into the midst of them; gave a chassez here, and a balancez there; and then, after a pirouette and a pas-de-zephyr, pigeon-winged himself right up into the belfry of the House of the Town Council, where the wonder-stricken belfry-man sat smoking in a state of dignity and dismay.
Let us proceed in a body to the borough, and restore the ancient order of things in Vondervotteimittiss by ejecting that little fellow from the steeple.
Indeed, half the borough was there, -- I myself among the number, -- but, much to the vexation of the host, the Chateau-Margaux did not arrive until a late hour, and when the sumptuous supper supplied by "Old Charley" had been done very ample justice by the guests.
Hold still, Sir; wot's the use o' runnin' arter a man as has made his lucky, and got to t'other end of the Borough by this time?
For the second time in four years, the Borough Commissioners have been rotated to "further standardize plan review operations and streamline the construction project approval process citywide.
Top outer borough condos: Riverdale commands nearly all spots
The story of Borough Market shows how places of exchange can rarely rely on history for their future success, however long that history might be.
The proposal, developed by Councilwomen Wendy Greuel and Janice Hahn, would set up a commission of 21 citizens by mid-August to oversee borough proposals and would place a measure on the ballot to amend the City Charter to include a borough system.
Like many small communities in the Northeast, Sussex Borough has experienced a general economic decline during the past several decades.
Though not the largest borough, Brooklyn is actually is New York's most populous--home to almost a third of all New Yorkers.