bosun's chair

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bosun’s chair

A suspended seat for one person, supported by a rope, sometimes used instead of a scaffold for minor jobs; its height may be adjusted by a powered winch or block and tackle.
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King declared the opening of this year's Maine windjammer season in Rockland on Friday, May 24, 2002 as he went aloft on the Victory Chimes in the bosun's chair and hung a flag at the top.
It was lashed to the rocks and fitted with a bosun's chair so some could be saved.
He lashed it to the rocks and a bosun's chair was fitted so that some lives were saved.
Sommers, whose network of cleaning and repair contractors provides a widening range of services: emptying wastepaper baskets and restocking bathroom tissue; fixing frozen pipes and clearing icy walkways; even climbing in bosun's chairs to clean high-rise windows.
The Compass Garden will include a Neptune sculpture by Pauline Monkcom of Craft in the Bay, Cardiff; a sail awning and mast from Intension of Cardiff; and special revolving bosun's chairs.