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You have to bring those bottlers around to service national retailers like Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven," said ConsumerEdge Research analyst Bill Pecoriello.
Once rules for categorizing promotions were developed, they were encoded into a REXX program and run on the UPC-store-week records to extract bottler promotions for every store-week.
Coca-Cola bottlers had been delivering Coke and the company's other drink brands straight to stores, setting up the merchandise and monitoring inventory for more than a century.
Coke's two biggest bottlers, Coca-Cola Enterprises and Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
In a 1999 report, the NRDC concludes that bottled water quality is probably not inferior to average tap water, but Olson (the report's principal author) says that gaps in the weak regulatory framework may allow careless or unscrupulous bottlers to market substandard products.
Currently, there are 15 Coca-Cola bottlers in Japan.
The Dublin bottler is one of several Dr Pepper bottlers in the U.
In its filing, CCE notes that because none of the plaintiff bottlers are party to its contract with the Company, they have no right to dictate how CCE conducts its business within its territory.
Taking the heat for the poor results: the bottlers that distribute the soda to supermarkets, convenience stores, vending machines and fast-food restaurants.
Pepper Snapple Group - The Victor in PepsiCo's Bottler Acquisition:
Elmer, Vice Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England, the sixth largest Coca-Cola bottler in the U.
The Haverhill, MA-based company is a Pepsi-Cola franchised bottler serving northeastern Massachusetts.