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These are usually used with bottom blow pins that are offset on parts.
The top and bottom blow machine was pulled out at the end of the shift on Thursday, we ran some test molds on Sunday and the FBOX was up and running first thing on Monday," Covington said.
Production with the FBOX is up 20% over the top and bottom blow.
When you conduct this mold review, make sure to categorize the size of the molds plus any outriggers attached; the tonnage required to pinch the parison and hold the molds closed during the blow cycle; whether you'll need to mount additional spacer stand-offs on the platen faces to equalize clamp tonnage over the platen surface (if the molds are much smaller than the platen faces); and what type of air-blow system will be required--needle blow with pre-pinch, top or bottom blow pin.
Introduction of the sand directly onto the face of the pattern by the top and bottom blow fill design provides uniform filling, eliminates shadowing and assures complete filling of the deepest pockets of complex molds.
Other functions such as pre-pinch/pre-blow and parison spread are usually put on the bottom blow frame in order to become part of the basic blow stand.
A bottom blow stand unit is used for mounting the blow-pin assembly, pre-pinch unit, and parison spreader unit.
The C-30 offers bottom blow with compression for a compacted neck finish.