bottom plate

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groundsill, ground beam, ground plate, mudsill, sole plate

In a framed structure, the sill which is nearest the ground or on the ground; used to distribute concentrated loads.
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The steel beam at the bottom plate was secured to the reinforced-concrete reaction wall.
One screw in the top plate on one side and two screws in the bottom plate are all that are required.
The scope of supply ranged from replacement of tank foundation, bottom plate, CP system, overhauling of the roof drainage system and other tank accessories that need rehabilitation or replacement with a diameter of 60.
One conclusion from this discussion is that a properly designed, installed and maintained CP system can protect a tank-bottom plate from corrosion for the life of the structure without repair/ replacement of the bottom plate.
The lower copper plate, which simulated the bottom plate (the ingot), could move from the level of the separation section to the model bottom at the distance up to 110 mm (see Figure 1).
Item 14 says "If there are more than a total of eight loose rivets on the receiver or more than six loose rivets on the top plate, bottom plate or trunnion block, send to direct support.
The bottom plate was machined from a 1-inch thick steel plate (1020 cold steel) that required an additional 12 machining operations.
The cast case design, which includes a high-impact-resistant heavy-duty manganese bottom plate, is made to withstand the conditions found in scrap yards and steel mills, according to Magnetech.
Simply fix sharpener to the bottom plate, switch power on and the aluminium oxide abrasive regrinds keen new edges at the correct cutting angle.
Builder Tips: Rim Board Installation and Connection Details, form Z730, provides installation recommendations and connection details for the rim board, the wood component that fills the space between the sill plate and bottom plate of a wall.
4 Finally, lift the mirrored door and click the plastic runners into the bottom plate