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Dick would return some matter-of-course reply, and Mr Brass standing on the bottom rail of his stool, so as to get a view of the street over the top of the window-blind, would take an observation of the visitors.
Quinion could see me, when he chose to stand up on the bottom rail of his stool in the counting-house, and look at me through a window above the desk.
Tenders are invited for Collapsible Door With Top And Bottom Rail.
To discourage the spiders, try spraying an insecticide on the windowsills and the inside bottom rail of the storms.
Next, remove any excess caulk from the bottom rail.
The ACP has a hand stop on the bottom rail to keep your hand from getting too far forward.
When forklift tines extend past the bottom rail of the opposite side, position dunnage between the forklift and GMLA or RP to prevent damage to adjacent containers during stacking p
The bottom rail is made the same way, but is bent upward at the ends to intercept the mid and upper rails to create a secure and durable frame.
The bottom rail was to have a couple of new fixing lugs at either end - one on top for the railing and one extra on the bottom for the rail, this being bolted through into the masonry.
The system comprises of fitting compression gaskets to the meeting rail and bottom rail.
Paint the bottom rail and a couple of inches up the side rails of the outer sash.
For mares and foals, the bottom rail should be low or the netting clear to the ground.