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1. A room used for private living, conversation, consultation, or deliberation, in contrast to more public and formal activities. Also see bedroom, boudoir, cabinet, closet, den, parlor, solar, study.
2. A room for such use which has acquired public importance, e.g., the senate chamber, an audience chamber.
3. (Brit., pl.) A suite of rooms for private dwelling.
4. (pl.) A suite of rooms for deliberation and consultation (juristic).
5. A space equipped or designed for a special function, mechanical or technological, e.g., a torture chamber, a combustion chamber.
References in classic literature ?
At the entrance to the empty drawing-room she heard Turlington's voice, low and threatening, in the boudoir.
Her ladyship's courage was beyond dispute; but she turned pale as she approached the entrance to the boudoir.
The two men waited behind to have two words together alone in the boudoir.
As a necessary result of the scene in the boudoir, each had his own special remonstrance to address to Sir Joseph.
Turlington's jealous distrust, wrought to the highest pitch of irritability for weeks past, instantly associated the words he had just heard with the words spoken by Launce in the boudoir, which had reminded him that he was not married to Natalie yet.
After what she had said to him in the boudoir, it would be quite useless to appeal to the sympathies of Julian Gray.
Your ladyship's boudoir is, I presume, still at my disposal?
She was just rising to ring the bell, when the maid appeared with a message from the boudoir.
TRachael Hedge, house steward at Llanerchaeron, has picked the boudoir, a place of calm, tranquillity and privacy for the former ladies of the 200 year-old Georgian villa which is in the Aeron Valley, Ceredigion.
com)-- Local portrait and boudoir photographer Jessica Wellman of Jessica Michael Photography, has had one of her most iconic images selected by a Huffington Post editor to be showcased as part of an article they published about couples boudoir sessions.
Boudoir Coloring Book: A Cultural Cornucopia of Romance and Beauty offers some 70 images to color and joins other adult coloring books: this one appealing to women who enjoy coloring images of flowers, showy bedrooms, and more.