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see BejaïaBejaïa
, formerly Bougie
, city (1998 pop. 147,076), N Algeria, a port on the Gulf of Bejaïa (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). The northern terminus of the Hassi Messaoud oil pipeline from the Sahara, Bejaïa is the principal oil port of the W
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, Algeria.
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Gum elastic bougies and Magill forceps are very useful in airway management and decrease the need of elective tracheostomy in oral cancer patients.
v--Laryngoscopy performed with difficulty due to inadequate mouth opening and restricted neck movement (Cormack & Lehane grade 3)--Et tube cuffed oral pvc 7mm cuffed tried with the help of malleable bougie but failed--Airway than secured with oral pvc 6.
The bougie consists of two independent tubular bougies and disk-like devices to measure stricture length behind every bougie.
The patients' charts were reviewed and the following data were obtained: gender, age at first dilatation, dilatation date, cause of stricture, maximum balloon or bougie size, time interval between serial dilatations, technical success and complications.
Bougie reminded in need to forward local time one hour as of midnight on 29-30 March 2014, the start of Daylight Saving Time.
Face a la mort (il doit decider de sa participation ou non a la mission suicide le soir meme a minuit), le soldat s'isole et s'assoit, l'epee a la main, une bougie devant lui : le moment se fait vanite, au sens de ces tableaux evoquant la precarite de la vie humaine.
When considering tracheal intubation, the devices were classified into those which had an inbuilt conduit for the tracheal tube and those that required either a stylet or bougie.
Another story surfaced about a silver arm that was made for Admiral Barbarossa (1478 -1546), an Ottoman admiral who dominated the Mediterranean for decades, and fought the Spaniards in Bougie, Algeria, for a Turkish sultan.
4 Le sommeil sur les cendres, apres la bougie soufflee.
Pre-dilatation' was achieved by advancing colonoscope over the plastic bougie until catheter tip penetrated the gastric wall with a sensation of 'give' (Figure-1B).
But Bougie says he has lost over a stone amid the boot-camp discipline at Qatari title holders Lekhwiya.
Initially, a pilot project of six locomotives would be started for conversion of bougie truck from Standard Gauge to Broad Gauge.