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Filters over light-bulbs remove ultraviolet radiation, and light reaches the flag only indirectly after bouncing off the walls.
Brittny Airsman is always bouncing off the walls - and off mats and trampolines, too.
Here it is: everyone's favorite pink puffball bouncing off the walls -- literally -- with the help of tilt-control technology in Nintendo's new Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble for Game Boy Color.
We've all heard of little ones bouncing off the walls, but now Teesside toddlers can work off their energy in a fun and safe environment at Jump 360 at Sovereign Park on Brenda Road in Hartlepool.
WHILE Anfield bounced on Thursday night, fans from across Stanley Park were simply bouncing off the walls.
Get the right snacks If you're entertaining little guests, make sure you include a selection of savoury snacks and healthy treats too - no parent will want their child bouncing off the walls at home time.
Vicente del Bosque's side appeared frozen into inaction, and it did not help that they were playing a Chile side whose spirit was stoked by tens of thousands of fans bouncing off the walls of the Maracana - in some cases literally as thousands without tickets remained outside the stadiums with around 200 bursting through a security cordon prior to kickoff.
A bit restless," she told me kindly, which normally translates as bouncing off the walls.
Last night I watched Dave Weir and as he crossed the line I was bouncing off the walls in my room.
I go back to my room at night and I smile like a lunatic and I'm bouncing off the walls.