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MAT INTERVENTION Students assigned to the MAT were exposed, during a two-hour session, to music created by the second author that replicated the aural phenomena of the body's sounds, specifically heart, lung, and bowel sounds.
Assessment findings may include distention and hypo/hyperactive bowel sounds (Rajah & Nemchausky, 2001; Steins et al.
Q: Would decreased bowel sounds and a lack of bowel movement for the last two days be of any importance to you in evaluating his risk for anesthesia?
The presentation of this form of large-bowel obstruction is similar to other causes, but there may be decreased breath sounds on the affected side and, rarely, bowel sounds may be audible in the chest.
Farine and associates at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, compared outcomes for women who ate nothing by mouth (NPO) until bowel sounds returned with outcomes for women who determined when and what they wanted to eat soon after delivery.
Abdominal examination revealed a soft non tender abdomen with normal bowel sounds.
In a multicentre clinical study, doctors rated the Littmann model 3000 significantly better than traditional, non-electronic stethoscopes when comparing the tone and clarity of heart, lung, blood vessel and bowel sounds.
His abdominal examination was remarkable for findings of abdominal distention, diffuse tenderness, and hypoactive bowel sounds in all quadrants.
The rest of his physical examination was significant for dry mucus membranes, a diffusely tender and soft abdomen without peritoneal signs, hypoactive bowel sounds, and tympany to percussion of his midumbilical region.
The investigators followed up the patients until discharge, recording the incidence of ileus, defined as hypoactive bowel sounds, abnormal abdominal distention, absence of flatus with or without nausea, and/or emesis during the first 24 hours postoperatively.
The new CareStation 126s is the first standalone videophone to provide two-way video, audio, and data communications for patient vital signs information, including heart, lung, and bowel sounds, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, and breath peak flow measurements over standard telephone lines.
An abdominal examination revealed hyperactive bowel sounds and tenderness during palpation in the central abdominal quadrant and right iliac fossa in Mc Burney point.