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Bowling Green.

1 City (1990 pop. 40,641), seat of Warren co., S Ky., on the Barren River; inc. 1812. It is a shipping and marketing center for an area producing tobacco, corn, livestock, and dairy items. General Motors assembles Corvettes there, and a Corvette museum opened in 1994. Bowling Green was occupied by the Confederates from the beginning of the Civil War until the Union advance forced them to retreat in 1862. The city is the seat of Western Kentucky Univ. Nearby is Mammoth Cave, a popular tourist attraction. To the southwest lie the ruins of a Shaker settlement established in 1798. 2 City (1990 pop. 28,176), seat of Wood co., NW Ohio, in a farm area; inc. 1855. Tomato products, machinery, trailers, rubber, and plastics are the chief manufactures. Bowling Green State Univ. is there.

bowling green

A carefully maintained, level piece of lawn, originally reserved for the game of bowls (bowling).
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They hope to offer suggestions for a compromised solution so the Maindy bowling green could remain open and the council would still make savings.
Club members fear the entire St Joseph's club on Whitchurch Road, which has an active membership of 300 people across a variety of activities, could be forced to close if the bowling green shuts.
Confusion over the latter arose because it is confirmed that the cricket club had its own bowling green, between the present cricket field and the river.
Mrs Jean Armitage, who has lived in the village all her life and is now aged 71, remembers these and the cricket field bowling green.
WORK is under way to construct a new bowling green in the grounds of Hanging Heaton Cricket Club in Dewsbury.
Cricket club president Mel Dearden, who has bowled for over 30 years and in the past has represented Ravensthorpe WMC and Heckmondwike Bowling Club, said he was overjoyed the bowling green was under way.
A POPULAR bowling green could face closure so a Liverpool school can begin a pounds 5m expansion plan.
With the amalgamation of Alsop and Queen Mary we need to enhance these plans so we are looking at the possibility of taking the bowling green.
A POPULAR bowling green in a Huddersfield park is to be surrounded by steel security fencing.
Similar fencing has already been erected at Marsden Park, to protect the bowling green.
Around the bowling greens at Rumney Hill Gardens, Howard Gardens and Fairoak pleasure gardens people sit on the benches enjoying the calm and quiet atmosphere.

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