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bowtell, boltel, boultine, boutell, bowtel, edge roll

1. A plain, convex molding, usually three-quarters of a circle in section.
3. The shaft of a clustered pillar.
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Heat Four brought the Bandits closer to Newcastle as Summers jetted away for the win ahead of Kevin Doolan, but behind, Bowtel forced his way past Dan Greenwood to share the heat 3-3, taking the score to 17-7.
IPSWICH: Danny King (captain) 12 , Cameron Heeps 6+1, Justin Sedgmen 11, Kyle Newman 10+2, Rory Schlein 9, Connor Mountain 3+1, Nathan Greaves 5 BERWICK: Sam Masters (guest) 15, Ben Morley (guest) 4+1, David Howe 7, Lewis Bridger - Rider replacement, Kevin Doolan (captain) 7, Jye Etheridge 2+1, Alfie Bowtel (guest) 2+2
Berwick: Sam Masters (guest), Ben Morley (guest), Kevin Doolan (captain), Lewis Bridger - Rider replacement, David Howe, Jye Etheridge, Alfie Bowtel (guest).