box construction

box-and-strip construction, box construction

A relatively simple, economical wall construction once used in the United States for small houses and dependencies; has an exterior appearance similar to that of board-and-battenconstruction. The walls are constructed of closely-spaced, wide, upright boards, approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick; the cracks between the boards are covered with vertical battens only on the exterior surface of the boards. The sillplates are secured on a foundation consisting of flat stones.
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Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 supply, expansion and equipping of 3 pieces ambulances (RTW) in box construction in accordance with DIN EN 1789 type C; Lot 2 supply, development and equipment of 4 ambulance (KTW) to DIN EN 1789 type A 2; Lot 3 delivery, expansion and equipping of a piece ambulance emergency response vehicle (NEF) in accordance with DIN 75079; Questions / information relating to the tender documents available to 30/12/2015.
The ZA5000ES also incorporates Sony's highly regarded ES Build Quality, which features 'Frame and Beam' full box construction that increases rigidity.
Get free books for infants through school age kids and enjoy free activities like a cardboard box construction zone, face painting, door prizes, story time, crafts, food, live music, bubbles, and more.
The chapters detail bird-friendly habitats, how to assist nesting efforts through natural means or bird box construction, and profiles of birders across the country and their personal tips.
Standard API box by box construction makes for easy connection to any standard crossover.
Changing from a box construction to all sheet steel means less welding and therefore any possible crevasses that can harbour bacteria.
The top-tier Allwood Series Features an ail-plywood box construction, hardwood plywood sides and bottom panels, six-way adjustable concealed hinges and wood dovetail drawers.
is partnering with MassWildlife and accepting tax-deductible donations of money and materials that go directly toward nest box construction.
It is the first two seat Mini, the first with an active rear spoiler and the first with what car designers call three box construction.
Twin seam box construction keeps feathers firmly in place and helps maintain shape
The dome, also 38 m in diameter, comprises 16 large steel ribs made as plated box construction that meet in a steel ring at the top.
Called box construction, it looks nothing like the stud walls of today.