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In June, international news agencies reported the case of a three-year-old boy believed to be the first child in the US to have had an auditory brainstem implant.
His parents believe his only option was an auditory brainstem implant - performed by just a handful of surgeons across the world.
Restricted acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in the brainstem is a consideration given the patient's history of vaccination, but was not supported given the radiologic and pathologic appearance.
Most frequent clinical manifestations were: speech disorder (64%), altered mental status (57%), focal weakness (49%), walking disturbances (43%), mental slowing (36%), cerebellar syndrome and/or brainstem involvement (36%), visual disturbances (24%), and seizures (19%).
The prognosis is better in children older than 4 years, in those who have normal ALT, AST, LDH and CK levels and those without brainstem lesions on neuroimaging.
Most nations have adopted a different set of standards wherein lack of all brain function is necessary, not just the function of the brainstem.
In the largest surgical series of 100 brainstem CMs (Porter et al.
Formal discussion on the transfer of brainstem testing costs takes place in Brussels on Wednesday and the association is unhappy that the UK Government is ready to wriggle out of its public health responsibilities in the beef sector and try to hoist hefty consumer protection costs on to the production chain.
The brainstem lesion was still visible on T2-weighted images with reduced signal hyperintensity, but unaltered size compared with previous scans.
Within 3 days of being injected into rodents' whisker muscles, evidence of the toxin was detected in the brainstem, the team of neurologists reported in the Journal of Neuroscience.
The term superficial siderosis is used to describe the haemosiderin deposition on the surface of the brain, spinal cord, brainstem and cranial nerve leptomeninges following recurrent subarachnoid haemorrhage.