brake horse power

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brake horse power (bhp)

The useful mechanical power supplied by an engine as determined by a friction brake or an absorption dynamometer that is applied to the shaft or fly-wheel of the engine.
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This is on a par with Vauxhall's Astra VXR, which is less powerful at 237 brake horse power and costs pounds 19,000.
The brochure quotes its top speed as 'over 193mph', a brake horse power of 483 and it does 0-60mph in just 4.
So the thought of hurtling through the air strapped to the top of a stunt plane with a 440 brake horse power engine beneath you sounds like more than enough to give anyone vertigo.
England captain David Beckham was one of the first in the queue for the 552 brake horse power coupe.
8 saloon, for example, increases its power output from 106-108 brake horse power at 5600 revs, while fuel return is also better by an average of three per cent.
But remember this, chaps, the next time you can't decide between a CRX coupe or a J-VX with 400 brake horse power.
The vessel is 275-feet in length, is rated at 9600 brake horse power (BHP), and has full dynamic positioning capabilities.
Addition, the Group won a sales order for a 6,000 brake horse power (bhp) Anchor Handling Towing Supply (AHTS) vessel from a new customer headquartered in Vietnam, an emerging player with a robust reputation in the ship agency services and service broking business.
Each Isotto Frashini engine - which comes with a standard two year warranty - packs a heavyweight 800 brake horse power punch in standard form.
In the close-season he made some handling and engine modifications, entering the 2005 season with the car running at around 200 brake horse power.
The Mini Cooper S is a slight step up from the Mini Cooper itself as these cars have 230 brake horse power.
It boasts a top speed of 189 mph, has a 400 brake horse power, 3.