brake light

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brake light

a red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers

Brake Light


a light signal on a motor vehicle, trolley car, or similar vehicle that warns the drivers behind that the vehicle is braking. One brake light is situated at each side of the motor vehicle and is usually integrated with the taillights; the two lights are connected by a switch with the brake system’s pneumatic or hydraulic circuit. When the brake pedal is pressed, the diaphragm of the brake switch bends under the pressure of compressed air or brake fluid and closes a pair of contacts, thus switching on the brake lights. Brake lights are equipped with red diffusing lenses. The light intensity in the direction of the optical axis should be not less than 40 international candles. Brake lights with dual intensity modes for daytime and night driving are also produced.

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Since the brake lights come on, they figure everything's OK.
This analysis suggests, as is evident in Figure 6, that a high brake light results in shorter response times than does a low brake light.
GM) of the United States reported brake light defects in 140 Chevrolet Blazer Silverado station wagons that were imported between September 1993 and September 1994.
Fragments of brake light and traces of paint were found in the wreck.
The model features a new hexagonal grille that encompasses the whole front end, with Audi's signature LED headlights on either side, and angular rear lights connected to a secondary brake light that runs along the length of the boot lid.
Modest capacity improvements already are being attributed to improved brakes, nimbler handling and - most important - the third brake light at driver's eye level.
THE bus that crashed, killing five schoolgirls, had no brake light warning bulb in the dashboard, tests have revealed.
The vehicle features a new high-mount brake light at the top of the rear deck, LED tail lights, a narrower, taller air inlet positioned above the front splitter, and a new shape and internal design for the headlights.
AN ambulance rushing a man to hospital was stopped by police for having a faulty brake light.