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Supplying the brake linings to AMCF will also increase El-Wahab's productivity, helping it to re-operate its production lines that were halted due to low demand.
Part of his job involved grinding brake linings that contained chrysotile asbestos.
It's commonplace to see dozens of speed demons bunched up at stop lights, having consumed excessive gasoline, tire treads and brake linings.
The deadly substance, used in building materials and brake linings, is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths every year.
No, not even brake linings could bring to a stop the flow of paint upon Rockwell's busy easel.
Additional applications include cams, gaskets, collars, sleeves, brake linings, timing wheels, hydraulic rings, light-duty gears, and thrust washers.
He could remember allegedly being exposed to asbestos while working on heating pipes and also during maintenance on brake linings which contained the material for its heat resistant properties.
Nutexa Frictions makes brake linings and pads for a range of uses such as buses, trucks, tractors and ship winches.
Soumitra Bhattacharya, chairman (consumer affairs and anti-counterfeiting committee), ACMA, said investigations into many road mishaps have revealed that fake clutches, brake linings, tie-end rods and even steering wheels of vehicles have broken down at crucial moments resulting in deaths and serious injuries.
This gives the right clearance between the brake linings and the drum.
The Cleckheaton business, which traces its origins to 1878, makes disc brake pads for cars and disc brake pads and drum brake linings for commercial vehicles.
In those days, prolonged use of the brakes on a steep and lengthy bank caused brake linings to overheat, thus reducing their effectiveness - deadly brake fade - often with sure consequences.