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But it looks like it will be a bumper Brambling winter this season.
For this study, we chose 3 species of Passeriformes (zebra finches, society finches, and sparrows), which are related to the bramblings described previously.
Alf has only spotted a couple of bramblings in his Almondbury garden this year.
Mr Madge said that redwings, fieldfares, bramblings and blackbirds have all been spotted coming into the country in large numbers.
Reports of redpolls, yellowhammers and bramblings in gardens have been flooding into the RSPB.
The increase in bramblings reflects the scarcity of beech seed in northern Europe and Scandinavia.
Bird tables will attract robins, house and tree sparrows, doves, pigeons, bullfinches, green finches, chaffinches and bramblings, whereas food scattered on the ground will attract blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks and wrens.
For example, the number of siskins was up by 483% per cent from last year, and bramblings were up by 371%.
They are sometimes followed by bramblings, which look a little like chaffinches.
MY observation, a few weeks ago, about bramblings in gardens along the North Wales coast, prompted several readers to report small numbers of the birds, from Llanfwrog to Cwm Penmachno and Llansannan to Caernarfon.