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Tenders are invited for Replacing of Supply air Aluminium grills , Extending branch duct to the hot spots and associated works for C-DOT Package AC Plant (4 x 7TR) at C-DOT TE Building, TUMKUR.
The branch duct diameters and grille sizes shown in Table 2 were chosen to give a range of airflows and grille sizes to challenge the flow hoods over a wide range of flows and dimensions similar to those found in new homes.
1,5) ERCP could be very helpful in differentiation of MCNs which usually do not communicate with pancreatic ducts versus psuedocysts or branch duct IPMNs which communicate with pancreatic ducts.
On the other hand, side branch IPMNs (also known as branch duct IPMNs) are less likely to be malignant and are often followed up on serial imaging.
On the basis of the location, IPMNs are classified into three types: the branch duct type (small tumours, commonly adenomas, relatively low incidence of carcinoma); the main duct type (more proliferative, larger, complex tumours with atypia); and the mixed type, which includes features of both the above types (4).
The VAV unit can be moved to accommodate the various diffuser branch duct lengths required in the experiment.
As a initially section of ventilation branch duct, towards the main ventilation duct, the transitional section from the main duct to the ventilation branching duct, as one of the essential sections against the local resistance of ventilation equipment, can be taken.
Many times the problem is that the vent isn't insulated between the ceiling and the branch duct that it's attached to.
round adjacent branch duct and (2) not adding return air ducts.
If they are confined to the branch duct and are at least, in our estimation, less than 2 1/2 centimeters in diameter and purely cystic on the imaging procedure, we offer the patient follow-up," he explained.
Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasm of the pancreatic branch duct showing atypical images.
Major and minor dimensions of the main duct are denoted as A and a, respectively, while the corresponding dimensions of the branch duct are denoted as C and c.